Who will be taking care of me?
The surgery center staff is among the best in the business, carefully selected for their high level of skills, compassion and ability to anticipate your needs. Our team includes board-certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses who are certified in a variety of specialized areas to cover all facets of your care.

When can I eat?
Your nurse will offer you clear liquids when you are fully awake. Depending on your procedure and doctor, you may be able to eat on your way home.

How long will I be in recovery?
Depending on your anesthetic and your procedure, your recovery time will vary. For example, colonoscopy patients are usually discharged in 20 to 30 minutes; patients who have shoulder procedures are usually discharged in 60 minutes.

Can my family member or significant other leave while I am having my procedure done?
We prefer that your family member or significant other stay during your procedure so that they can speak to your physician after the procedure.

When can I shower or bathe?
Your doctor will indicate that on your discharge instructions.

Why do I have to answer the same questions regarding my health history?
You might be asked by the physician’s office for your health history. The surgery center is independent from the doctor’s office and needs to ask the same questions in order to verify pertinent information such as allergies, medications, etc.

How much will this hurt?
Prior to your procedure we start an intravenous line with a local anesthetic. For most procedures you will receive Tylenol and an anti-inflammatory to increase your comfort after your procedure. Also, our center has many types of pain medications to keep you comfortable during your stay at UnaSource Surgery Center. You will be asked prior to and after your surgery regarding your pain/comfort level. We are dedicated to providing the best pain relief to our patients.

How much will this cost?
Most procedures will be covered by your insurance coverage. You will be expected to pay your co-pays and deductibles; please contact your insurance company for your specific coverage information.

Is it possible to speak with an anesthesiologist if I have concerns prior to my procedure?
Yes, you may call during our regular hours and request to speak to an anesthesiologist at 248-265-4612.

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