Popular cosmetic surgeries for men at our Troy center include Botox, facelifts, liposuction, and eyelid surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery: Men Gravitate Toward Common Procedures

When we think cosmetic surgery, we often think of women getting breast implants, or lip injections. However, cosmetic surgery is not just for women. There are multiple cosmetic surgeries for men that are common and popular.

Just like women, men age too. Society is often very critical of a woman’s aging appearance. However, men can be insecure about certain parts of their body as well when it comes to aging. There is no reason that a man shouldn’t have the option to feel good in his own skin and his appearance.

Men tend to have different goals when it comes to cosmetic procedures compared to women. It is sometimes a simple fix that has been bothering them for years. Many men tend to think about the procedure, and not just jump right in, perhaps because there is a misconception that men do not have cosmetic procedures. Below here are a few procedures that men tend to gravitate toward that help bring back their youthful glow.

Eyelid Surgery

Men’s eyelids tend to start to get droopy. Removing the fatty tissue around the eyelids and excess skin can help a man look younger.


Kids, work, and other distractions sometimes put a hold on your healthy lifestyle. Sitting in an office all day and running the kids around can result in some fat buildup. Many men seek to remove “love handles” or other specific problem areas that have fat, and liposuction is a great option to help bring your “younger” shape back.


Usually a man is between the age of 50 to 70 years old when coming in for a facelift. He is not looking to change the look of his face, like women sometimes want to do. He is just looking to “refresh” by reducing wrinkles and sagging skin. Men often feel a boost of self confidence after a procedure such as a facelift.


Similar to a facelift, the goal is to not change his face, but to help bring the youth back. This procedure does not require surgery, but instead, helps improve your looks temporarily.

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