Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is an umbrella term that encompasses surgical care, physical therapy, and sports injury prevention and treatment. As a subspecialty of orthopedics, sports medicine focuses on managing pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal system arising from sports practice.

We aim to optimize sports medicine solutions in order to help the athlete get back into the game as soon as possible. We also focus on providing proper guidance and techniques that enable athletes to further protect themselves while on the field, the rink, the court, or simply outside on the front lawn.

Sports medicine can help improve patients’ quality of life, as do many other orthopedic procedures and options.

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Approximately 8 million sports- and recreation-related injuries occur every year. While many heal on their own or with home remedies, others require surgical care and sports medicine. Sports injuries that may require surgery include:

  • ACL injury
  • Meniscal tear
  • Tendon tears
  • Chronic shoulder instability
  • Collateral ligament injuries
  • Combined knee ligament injuries
  • Overuse injuries

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Patient Stories

“It was just the absolute best care I could have ever imagined, not only for my husband but for me as well. Everyone there knows exactly what they need to do for the patient.”
— Barbara M. | Hip Surgery Patient
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“I was only there for six hours. It just went tremendously well. Now I’m doing everything I did before but without any pain. I’m bending over. I’m lifting boxes. I’m working in my yard. I’m planting flowers. I can do everything I did before. … Had I known the surgery would have gone so well, I would have pushed to have it done right away.”
— Timothy C. | Hip Surgery Patient
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“To go from having bone-on-bone pain to no pain is really quite lovely. How do you quantify that?”
— Claire M. | Ankle Surgery Patient
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