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Our friendly and attentive pre-operative and post-operative care here in Troy, Michigan is a primary reason why UnaSource Surgery Center is Your Best Surgical Choice. We speak with you one-on-one and offer educational resources online to ensure all of your questions are answered before and after your surgical procedure.

To see for yourself what sets UnaSource apart from the rest, watch our patient education videos about the following:

• the AmbIT Pain Relief Pump

• Ambulatory Surgery Center Capabilities

• The Shoulder Immobilizer

• The Sequential Compression Device

• How To Use Crutches

Check back here often for additional videos about outpatient surgery, minimally invasive surgical procedures, pain management, recovery after surgery, and more.

Welcome to UnaSource Surgery Center

People wonder if outpatient surgery centers are as good as a hospital – rest assured that the high quality standards here at UnaSource Surgery Center ensure that you will receive the best care in the industry.

AmbIT Pain-Relief Pump

Your surgeon and anesthesia team may determine that a continuous peripheral nerve pain control pump would be beneficial for pain management following your surgical procedure. The AmbIT pain control pump contains a local anesthetic medication that can minimize or reduce postoperative pain for certain procedures of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, and foot.

Instructional Series: Using Crutches

Learn the technique of using crutches in our educational video. Crutches can help you stay mobile while you recover from hip surgery, knee surgery, or ankle surgery.

Instructional Series: The Sequential Compression Device

After surgery, you may be advised to use a Sequential Compression Device in order to prevent blood clotting. Watch our video to learn how to use and care for the device.

Instructional Series: The Range of Motion Knee Brace

Patients will learn how to use Range of Motion Knee Braces prior to surgery. Watch our video to see how it works.

Instructional Series: The Shoulder Immobilizer

If you are expecting to have shoulder surgery, watch our video to learn how to use the Shoulder Immobilizer as a part of the recovery process.

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