Joint Replacement

Thank you for choosing UnaSource Surgery Center for your outpatient joint replacement. The following information is intended to inform you of what to expect before, during, and after your surgery.FIND A JOINT REPLACEMENT PHYSICIAN

Before Surgery

  1. Once you are scheduled for surgery, you need to complete a pre-surgical health assessment. This can be completed on-line at your convenience at:
  2. After you have completed the on-line pre-surgical health assessment, a Registered Nurse (RN) from UnaSource will call you to:
    1. review your health assessment
    2. provide pre-surgical instructions
    3. schedule you to attend a  Joint Replacement Class held at UnaSource Surgery Center before your surgery date
    4. answer any questions you may have
  3. You may also be contacted by a Registered Nurse Care Manager from United Physicians to review your health history
  4. The UnaSource business team will call to verify your insurance benefits and inform you of any financial responsibilities (high deductible) that are due at the time of service.
  5. A Home Health Care professional may contact you to review your health history or schedule an in-home visit prior to your surgery
  6. The afternoon before your scheduled surgery date, you will called by a UnaSource Surgery Center team member will call to provide you with your arrival and surgery instructions and answer last minute questions.

Joint Replacement Class

The class is for you and any support person/family member who will be helping you recover at home after surgery.

See the calendar below for available class dates.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to prepare for your surgery
  • What to expect on your day of surgery
  • What your recovery plan at home will involve.

Class discussion will cover:

  • Preparing your home for your recovery after surgery
  • What to expect at UnaSource Surgery Center on the day of your surgery
  • Medications to take prior to your surgery
  • The pain pump that may be used to keep you comfortable after your surgery
  • Exercises that may be ordered by your surgeon after surgery
  • Demonstration of the walker and other medical equipment you may use after surgery
  • A tour of UnaSource Surgery Center
  • A time to answer any questions
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Day of Surgery

Remember to bring your walker, brace or any other durable medical equipment prescribed by your surgeon!

Before Surgery:

Check in at the registration desk with your photo ID and insurance cards.

A member of our clinical team will escort you to your private Patient Care room.

You will receive a sequential compression device with stockings that pump air around your calves; you will wear this device at home for 2 weeks after surgery while you are not up walking.

You may receive a peripheral nerve block or insertion of a pain pump catheter.

During Surgery:

The responsible adult accompanying you at UnaSource will be required to wait in our Lobby during your surgery. Refreshments, Wi-Fi, reading materials, television and comfortable seating are available for your waiting guest.

During Recovery:

You will return to your private Patient Care room for recovery.

Your surgeon will speak with the person accompanying you in our private Consultation Room.

The person accompanying you should get any post-op prescriptions filled at the UnaSource pharmacy located in the building next door (4600 Investment Drive). Any other pharmacy may not have all of your prescribed medications available.

Prior to Discharge

The RN will review all of your surgeon’s orders and instructions with you and the person accompanying you.

You will receive a folder to take home with copies of all the orders and instructions reviewed with you, including:

  • Caring for the bandage over your incision
  • Using your walker
  • At home exercises
  • Medication to take at home

A Physical Therapist will review the use of your walker, how to use the stairs with your walker, and will review the exercises ordered by your surgeon.

If you have a pain pump, you will receive instructions on how to remove the small catheter at home once the pain pump is empty.

At Home

  • Call your surgeon’s office to schedule a follow up appointment.
  • Continue to use your Sequential Compression Device when you are not up walking.
  • Continue to do your exercises as ordered by your surgeon.
  • A Home Health Care team member will contact you to set up a visit for either the day of your surgery or the next day.
  • A UnaSource Surgery Center RN will call you the day after your surgery, and every day until you have removed the pain pump catheter.
  • The Home Health Care team member will continue to visit you in the days after your surgery as ordered by your surgeon.
  • A Physical Therapist may also visit you at your home if ordered by your surgeon.
  • A United Physician Care Manager RN may contact you to review instructions and answer questions.


Printable Resources for our Total Joint Patients

Joint Replacement Experience Brochure
This brochure includes the same summary of joint replacement information found on this webpage.

Joint Replacement Experience Guide (Print as two-sided for best viewing)
This comprehensive guide to joint replacement contains valuable information on what to expect and how to prepare for your upcoming surgery, and provides worksheets to assist in planning and recovery. As a patient scheduled for joint replacement surgery at UnaSource Surgery Center you should receive a hard copy of this guide from your surgeon’s office.


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